Hey, guys. If you missed it on my Twitter (@sdamned), then here's the skinny: Slightly Damned pages take me a long time to make. I'm feeling fatigued and frustrated, so I'm not going to work on Slightly Damned pages in January. I'm going to use that time to give my other long-neglected projects some love (Night of the Cleaning Lady, The Junk Hyenas Diner, Soprano of Time, and even the 151 Pokemon challenge and others). Hopefully by February, you guys will have enjoyed a lot more varied output from me and I'll feel somewhat refreshed!

Besides that, I'll be going to Further Confusion in January, running a table and co-hosting a panel with one of the Guests of Honor! And I'll be visiting family while I'm in the Bay Area.

I'll try to have an update ready for this coming Saturday (January 2), but I'm not making any promises.

In short, in January, the only thing you won't be getting are Slightly Damned pages. I'll still do Art Wednesdays, I'll still do an exclusive wallpaper for the month, and I'll still show you guys sketches. But I totally understand if you want to lower or rescind your pledge if you're not getting Slightly Damned pages.