January Charging Process is going!
Hello everyone and happy new year 2018!

Just letting you know charging process is going atm, and once it is fully done, I will send your rewards and make new tier 2 and 3 posts on the main page.

Tier Benefits
Tier 1
$1 or more per month
  • Thumbs up and thanks
  • A password pass to my patreon only blog (in tumblr) where I will post sneak peeks, WIPS, sketches and drawings of my comics. You'll get to see what I am planning in advance and ask me questions. (password changes monthly)
  • You get access to patreon only streams and suggest possible tutorial ideas.
Tier 2
$5 or more per month
  • Handshake and thanks
  • Previous rewards
  • Access to PSD files/ Full sizes of certain drawings
Tier 3
$20 or more per month
  • High 5 and huge thanks
  • Previous rewards
  • Exclusive thank you drawing/comic every month, sent only to you.
  • (also access to my mature drawing blog (in tumblr), if you so desire. Password changes monthly)
Tier 4
$50 or more per month

  • Hugs and WOW!
  • Previous rewards 
  • A lineart request of your own (can be anything as long as it's sfw. Preferably single character) 
Tier 5
$100 or more per month

  • Hold me because WOW thank you!
  • Previous rewards
  • Your lineart request will be upgraded to a full drawing  (Can be anything as long as it's sfw. Preferably single character)  
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