January Fairy Work-in-Progress Preview!
Hey guys and dolls! Here's a preview of a new piece I've got coming for this month's rewards!  A January Fairy!  Though, to be fair(y), she's a normal, if not slightly larger than normal fairy. Must be all them deer genes.  And, I know, most females of any species don't have antlers... But she does, okay!? Geez...

I'm having a lot of fun painting her and it's coming along quite nice I think. Just a few more deets, some clean-up and gotta tweak that right hand with some ref, but other than that, she's nearly done!

Lemme know what you think in the comments, and if you have any suggestions for the last bit of January or for what you'd like to see in Feb, lemme know!  I've still got a few more pieces underway, one from a Pattron request a little while back that I am hoping to get done this month ;) ... and more comic coming soon. 

Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for the finished version soon! 

Love ya!