January journal, week 3: back to work on multiple projects

This past week has been busy on Patreon, with updates, my first few regular weekly journals, the opening of the biweekly preview archive to all patrons, a new intro video, and of course the kick-off to my full Twin Peaks rewatch podcast with an almost 3-hour episode on The Missing Pieces. However, I've also been digging into projects for the main site. This includes a resumption of my Mad Men viewing diary (I'm up to a pretty significant point two-thirds of the way into season 2 - those of you who've seen the show probably know what I mean) as well as some very slow progress on my "Unseen" series, in which I review one of the most popular films that I've never seen before for each year. This week I'll be previewing part of the 2016 entry, La La Land, which I wrote months ago; nonetheless, I'm only now inching toward writing about the 2015 entry, Inside Out. Even without a deadline on the horizon, if I can't pick up the pace I may need to abandon the series.

Meanwhile, I'm at a point where all of the remaining video essays that I want to release before Journey Through Twin Peaks are either complete (the two montages and one of the Cinepoems, all previewed on Patreon in the past year), close (the second Cinepoem, which promises to be the simplest of all five - which I'm hoping to weave together in a single long video as well), or almost ready to begin (the 3 1/2 minute review on The Wind in the Willows, which I've recently rewatched, and the side-by-side videos on two boomer reunion and two Fellini films, all of which I'm about to rewatch). I hope within a week to be done with most if not all of these, all the better to start rolling on my Journey videos. That said, as mentioned before, I want to see if I can set a Patreon goal to help get that project off the ground.

Over the past few months, I've been excited to welcome new patrons on a pretty regular basis; however, exits have been happening at about an even clip so my growth has been fairly stagnant. It seems like I've hovered between 88-94 patrons since the fall, unable to budge from that window. I haven't determined the numbers exactly yet, but I'm thinking a good, reasonable goal to get people excited about Journey, encourage myself to start work, and hopefully break out of the patron limbo may be 110 patrons, $220. That gets me over the two milestones with enough wiggle room so that drop-offs don't just send me back to where I was. I'll probably announce and start promoting this goal in the first week of February; of course, if you have any tips for promotion or growth, comments and DMs are open! Thank all of you for making this possible in the first place.

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