January Perks Schedule!
Hello, loyal Patreon folks! It's almost time for you to get your sweet, sweet perks this month. Here's the schedule:

Thursday, January 21 @ 4 p.m. (NYC time) - LIVE EPISODE WEBCAST ($10+)

We're doing this a little earlier this month, so hopefully more UK people will be able to join in. Check here in Patreon a few minutes before we start to get the link.

Saturday, January 30 @ 12 p.m. (NYC time) - GOOGLE HANGOUT ($5+)

This will hopefully be the best hangout yet, since we're trying out a new platform that will allow YOU the participants to video in and ask us stuff FACE TO FACE (if you want). We'll post a link to that here in Patreon soon.

Every Dang Sunday Night - AMAZING FACTS ($5+)

New episodes of our Peabody Award-winning mini-podcast are released every Sunday night. Listen to them! Don't forget to exercise your patriotic duty and VOTE for the better fact each and every week.

Also, we're putting together a new box o' stuff to send out to our high rollin' $30+ Patreoners, so expect those relatively soon!