January Pin-Up: Cheering on the 2018 Magical Gridiron Posse Champs

For those who don't know, we do a yearly fantasy football league for the fans. Each team drafts various members of my stories to form their fantasy cheer team as well. This year, since I won 2017, I offered myself as part of the cheer team for the winning team as well.

Well, the results are in and 2018's champions are Planetar's team, the DolFans! As such, his cheer team of Polygal, myself, Jodi Ryder, and Day LaMode had to pose for the camera for their team. 

Artwork done by the ever so talented (and easy to work with) Benji. He actually has a comic you can check out: My Pretty Partner 

He also has a podcast! Click here to listen to Nerdy Nuggets!