January Polls
This month there are three polls:

Which girl(s) would you like to see me focus on in ‘The Manor’ part 7? 

What should my next ‘Fables of Lust’ short story be? 

[Bonus Poll] Which side character should be included in Obedience 25? 

Also, I have the open question of what girls, game series, or fetishes included in my next ‘Game Girl Arena?’ I am already working on one suggested topic, but I will certainly utilize any other ideas I get. (Message me on WP, HF, or email [email protected] for anonymity)

Last, the results of December’s polls:

Which council member should show up next in Sibling Sorcery?

-Elouise, a manipulator

Would you like to see more bestiality with Candice in Obedience 24?


What Job does Irene get in Obedience 23?

-Working at a restaurant Jack’s family visits