January reward ideas
Hi all,

Here's a little preliminary overview of the rewards I have planned for January.


  • Wallpaper poll is leaning towards a Nighthold-themed wallpaper. It could be a boss or an environment, I have to look at some PTR videos!
  • I'll announce the winners, whose characters will be part of the Karazhan full-scene painting, on January 8... and start sketching thumbnails this month.
  • The Doodle Me Fren livestream will take place in the 3rd week of January (likely)!
  • I wasn't able to finish my homework for the art course last month, so I'll finish the color comps this month.
  • Hoping to do some more random paintings and studies, like Leia last month! Process videos/gifs and the PSD's will be available to $10+ Patrons.


  • $7+ | Part 2 of the "How to get started with Photoshop" tutorial, talking about common frustrations and how to fix them, as well as some tips and tricks.
  •  $10+ | Blending with the mixer brush. Explaining the different settings, and how to combine this tool with different brushes (including all the custom brushes I end up making / demonstrating).
  •  $10+ | Choosing colors. Achieving an appealing, harmonious color composition is always a challenge! I'll show you how I apply color theory in my paintings. I will include a process video of the color comps (homework assignment).

Depending on how elaborate these tutorials end up being, I might add a 4th tutorial if they're short. Maybe something with hands (casting / holding weapons)? Or tips for sketching?

Other plans for this month...

  • I'll be working on 6 more colored sketches (half-body portraits) for Snippzen's commission. Gif's and PSD's will be available to $10+ Patrons.
  • Update Gumroad with Nov + Dec tutorial packs
  • Open an Etsy store with limited edition prints
  • Update my Society6 store
  • Contact those who are on my commission waiting list to see if they're still interested (or reopening for Patrons!)

Fanmail print will likely be one of this month's artworks or Nightmare Tyrande (if I ever finish inking it!)

(The rewards aren't set in stone and may still change).

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