January Rewards Details :D
Hello dear Pyons :D ♥

Here is the preview of January rewards ! I will update this panel when I got the shoots done :)

This month I am not crafting much ( only Rei hair accessories ) cause I want to spend January crafting next February project which, I hope, you will love ♥

THAT BEING SAID I will make sure this month rewards will be as amazing as always ! I plan to shoot Rei set in the water to make the swimsuit a bit transparent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  hehe!!!!! I'm not sure how this will turn out, I will keep you updated on that :D Hopefully it will look lewd hehehehe

Quick summary of each tier Photosets :D

5 $ tiers get total of around around 30 HD pics

10$ tiers get the Casual extra set so around 40 HD pics

25$ tiers get 70 HD pics + more than 300 pics in the selfie pack !

50$ tiers get 70 HD pics + 300 sd pics + a past month set + 1 unique polaroid + prints 

100$  tiers get 70 HD pics + 300 sd pics +  past month sets + TWO unique polaroid ( 1 normal + 1 lewd hehe) + more prints  + private voice/video chat :)

250 are already sold out for this month, thank you very much that's crazy :D! ♥

Let me know what you think of these projects ! I hope you will enjoy january :D Now that I have a better camera I can't wait to see how good the pics will be *-*

Have a nice day my Pyons,

your dear Yuzu♥