January Rewards Sent!
Check your PMs for the link! (It's a lot of Tam this month, lol) Thank you guys so much! 

Still working on January doodle requests for:

  • Kellervo
  • Teagan (need a request)
  • Zagerete (need a request)

And I'll be starting Feb's doodle requests soon too so don't be shy! Go ahead and post them in the Community tab! I'm having so much fun with these and it's really helping me improve my line art game. 

I was working on a commission rough draft this morning and just building the structure of the drawing came so much easier than it used too. I was all sparkly-eyed and happy, lol! Funny how a few doodles a month has helped me improve this much. All thanks to you guys <3

Streams coming back soon, I'm getting cranky from the withdrawals.

Hmmm, other announcements while I have your attention... Commissions are still open. I'll post the link here. I'm still experimenting with using google forms.


Okay, I think that's it for now! o/