January Tutorial Baby
I will be painting Miya realborn asleep for this months tutorial baby. I should have this turtorial up by the 20th. Now you may think why do I pay $100 each month for this tutorial? If I already have one tutorial why do I need more? Many reason, for one, I don't always do the same steps for each baby I make. I love to experiment and bam a baby is born. I will also be teaching you all how to master kits with different ugly vinyl colors, and there are many ugly kit colors. Lol.. One month we will even paint an ethnic baby.... say what?.... Yes, we will make an ethnic baby together in the future. A

Art, is something you always learn, every day I learn something new. I never become stagnate in my painting, because that is boring. 

For those looking how to make reborns baby dolls all on your own.. Check out the $100 reward tier for more information.