January Update!
Ok, I'm working hard to get Chapter 10 of Hell and the Sea out before the end of the month. And I'm glad to see that a bunch of you downloaded the free copy of Time Looter 1. Time Looter 2 will be out sometime next week. I hope that if  you downloaded Time Looter 1, and read it, that you will go to Amazon and leave a review. It is not required, and it was not a "free book for a review" (so don't put that in your review, because it isn't true and Amazon will remove the review,) anyone on my Patreon can download the book for free with no expectation of a review in return. Still, if you do leave a review, I greatly appreciate it. That's one of the main ways authors get to stay in business. Ok, so coming up between now and the end of February... Chapter 10 and 11 of Hell and the Sea, and more free goodness! So thankful for you all.   (If you are a patron, you can find the free book link by being signed in and scrolling through the posts.)