January Wrap-up


After a week to recover from the holidays I started releasing recordings biweekly on Mondays and Fridays. This lead to a few all-nighter's. I threw out a bunch of ideas to my $3 patrons and polled to see what they were interested in. 


Beartown was the first recording of the new year. I imagined a town up in the Rockies taken over by gay bears. Just being there turns you into a gay bear. Did I mention there are bears?

Bear-Up Trigger came second. This one is to give the listener an anchor or "trigger" to feel themselves become thick and hairy bears.

Inspired by the meme, I decided to give a shot at a Gorilla Channel hypnotic recording. Just imagine watching a nature channel just for gorillas that slowly changes you into a gorilla as it repeats.

Plush Sleep is something to listen to to help you fall asleep and dream about being a large stuffed animal cuddling with other stuffed animals as you all drift to sleep.

Public (After 30 Days) 

Wolf Fellowship will be available to the public February 19th. It features an anthro wolf transformation at a wolf jamboree and moon-worshiping celebration.

 Muscle Beast Work-Out Loop is a loop that plays 30 suggestions to turn into a muscle beast to listen to as you work out. There is no induction or relaxation, just music to get you motivated and focused on getting huge. It's available to non-patrons on Feb 26.


I'm trying to make sure at least half of my work going forward is gender-neutral. I really like making recordings featuring big hairy men, but I also don't want to exclude anyone. 


One of my New Year's resolutions was to take my hypnosis practice more seriously and stick to a regular update schedule. I'm a play-it-by-ear sort of person that likes to try a bunch of different ways before settling on something that feels right. I have to apologize if that makes this Patreon campaign appear disorganized. A Monday and Friday schedule feels the most stable time-wise. It gives me a whole work week (where I have my day jobs) to get something done and the weekend to get something done. 

Evolution of the Podcast

I'm feeling Monday recordings will be a little bit more indulgent (transformation/muscle/growth/dominance) and Friday recordings will be more general (anthropomorphic/self-help/general hypnosis). Friday recordings will be public after 30 days and non-patron followers should start seeing them in February.


Money-wise I get the lion's share of my Patreon revenue for the first recording I put out a month, then 3/4 that amount for the next, then 3/4 that amount for the next, and so on. This is because of monthly maximums patrons set. If I ever get to a three day release schedule,  I might end up taking commissions the last week of the month. I only mention this because I've flirted with offering commissions in the past.