January's Level 1 Waifu - Metroid: Zero Suit Samus
Every month I ask people outside of Patreon to vote on who they want the waifu of the month to be and I draw a level 1 (with their clothes on) then take their clothes off behind closed doors on Patreon.  (This is different from the Patreon only waifu voting that will begin next month)

Here's an early preview for my lovely patrons - she hasn't been published anywhere else yet. When my Patreon is in full swing in February, this would usually be a if you're pledging $5 or higher you'll get to see her as level 3 (no top no bottom) this is a $10 reward but I'm lowering it in appreciation of some of my first pledgers ^^ - you'll also be able to grab the high res poster size version without the starred frame and any other associated perks with your selected teir.
Hope you like what you see so far ;)
#supersmashbros #metroid #samus

~CustomWaifus <3


🔷$1+ Patrons will get :
🔸Hi-Res Level 1 (Clothed JPEG)

🔷$5+ Patrons will get :
Above Reward/s +
🔸Hi-Res Level 3 (No Top, No Bottom JPEG)
🔸Hi-Res Lossy PSD File

🔷$20+ Patrons will get :
Above Reward/s +
🔸Process Sketches