Japan Day One!
So today has been A LOT OF TRAVELLING but we are finally here! Just checked into the hotel and I’m sporting a rather attractive old lady’s dressing gown (top left photo) and chilling out with a shower before heading off to explore.
Wilce and I were on the naughty row without any of our friends on the plane so we drank gin (top left) and sent ride messages to the others ... you can guess which photo that is.
When we got here Nick was grabbed by a random TV crew who knew nothing about the band but ended up with a DVD and doing a segment on us all - after being on planes for 13hrs you can imagine how much we don’t want anyone seeing that!
Our FRIENDLY Limousine (aka 1976 crap bus) took up into town from the airport where now most people have crashed out before we’re taken out for dinner later ... but not me!
I’m off for noodles and excitement!
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