Well, yesterday was just amazing!!
Firstly we went shopping back up in Harajuku, that place is like ‘waking through my mind’ apparently 😂🙌🏼 ... I bought some random arse cat clothes (clothes with cats on, and also clothes for my cats) (yay Japan!) ...
We then stopped into the Bengal Cat Forest for a drink and a cuddle, the cats weren’t as cuddly as I would have liked but still very beautiful and there were loads of playing kittens which I wanted to take home and keep forever.
After that we headed to the venue, where we basically went into GIG MODE - loads of sitting about and waiting to be told what to do 😂🎶 ... we had a great soundcheck, the crew at the venue were amazing and our promoter was incredible. The place was packed by 6:30, we went on stage at 7pm and played a blinder of a set - the energy on stage was completely amazing and the crowd were
AWESOME! A few ‘stage moments’ later (I think we all buggered up slightly at one point or another due to jet lag!) the gig was over and we headed out fo photos and signatures! So much fun! I really have the best job in the world!!
Starving and high from our gig we went back to the hotel and wandered off for noodles - meeting a few fans outside the hotel again and inviting them to join us. That’s where it got messy... there was sake. A LOT OF SAKE ... and at midnight we decided that karaoke was probably a good idea.
It was.
All you can drink and an hour of madness including two Swedish fans singing Japanese death metal, in Japanese; Nick crooning some smooth tunes and a group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, we fell into bed at about 2:30am...

It’s now just gone 9am and I’m struggling through breakfast with a mixture of continued jet lag and a sake hangover...
I bloody LOVE Japan.