Japan Travel Itinerary Guide (Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, & Nara) by Rainbowholic

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Itinerary guide now available for access / download here. 

Complete Blog Entry List (photo spam / travel diaries):

Travel Dates: March 3 - March 11, 2018 

Since airbnb has been regulated here in Japan, all of our booked rooms are no longer available as of the moment. :(

Places / activities that I recommend in Nagasaki Prefecture:

Day 1 (We arrived from Tokyo and flew from Haneda Airport for an hour.)

Day 2 (Checked out from 1st airbnb, explored a bit, and went to Sasebo City via train.)

  • Visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum in the morning. (an eye-opening experience)
  • Spend the entire day at Huis Ten Bosch (1 whole day here. Perfect for taking photos & chill afternoon. The illumination during this time was EPIC. I recommend spending 1 full day here until night time.)
  • Try the famous Sasebo burger!

Where we stayed:

  • Airbnb (Nagasaki City) - listing no longer available
  • Airbnb (Sasebo City) - listing no longer available

Places / activities that I recommend in Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture:

Day 3 (transit via bus from Sasebo, Nagasaki and arrived in the afternoon)

Where we stayed for 1 night:

  • Airbnb (Hakata City) - listing no longer available

Places / activities that I recommend in Hiroshima Prefecture:

Day 4 (arrived from Hakata / in the noontime)

  • Try the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki at JR Hiroshima station (they have restaurants inside there)
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum (we just biked from our airbnb since our host had bikes we can borrow)
  • Hiroshima Castle (highly recommended. the view was superb!)

Day 5 (took the JR Ferry for the first time)

  • Miyajima Island for one whole day ~
  • Try all the Japanese food snacks you can see! (most especially the famous momiji manju)
  • Take photos with the cute deer around the area haha
  • Stroll around and you will find some good hiking spots. Still trying to search for that cafe found while we were just hiking (the view above was breathtaking).

Easy Access Guide: Take the JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi station. Walk to the Ferry station.

Extra Tip: Wear comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers / running shoes) so you can explore the island more conveniently. We enjoyed a mini hike there.

Day 6 (rainy last day at Okunoshima island / Rabbit Island)

  • Feed & enjoy the company the cute & chubby rabbits of the island. (It was raining so we only spent 2 hours or so at the Rabbit Island. Will surely go back to just bike around the island and explore other parts!)

Note: We checked out from our airnb and left our stuff inside the lockers in JR Hiroshima station. 

Easy Access Guide: Go to JR Tadanoumi station from JR Hiroshima station to ride the ferry for Okunoshima.

Extra Tip: Buy cabbage from any cheap local grocery instead of buying the treats from the island (much cheaper).

Where we stayed for 2 nights:

Day 7 (arrived from night bus trip)

  • Have breakfast at JR Kyoto station. If you haven't tried Hoshino Coffee, I recommend this cafe / restaurant. Their french toast is my ultimate favorite + coffee of course.
  • If you cannot check in asap, you can just use the train locker.
  • Visit the tourist information center at the Kyoto station for more travel / local insights. Sometimes, they give tour coupons there as well so just check~
  • Explore Uji, Kyoto in the morning. Take JR train to reach Uji (a.k.a. matcha kingdom).
  • For the best matcha parfait in the world, go to Itoh-Kyuemon Uji Kyoto Branch.
  • While you're already there, might as well visit Ujigami shrine. It is believed to be the oldest standing shrine in Japan. They sell cute bunny omikuji (fortune paper).
  • For the 2nd part of the day, rent a kimono / yukata (depending on which season) from Wargo Kimono Rental (Kyoto Tower branch). I think that it might be cheaper if you book beforehand / before the day itself.
  • For photo sessions (lol), stroll around Higashiyama district.
  • Visit the most colorful (instagrammable? haha) temple: Yasaka Koshindo
  • Try Tsujiri matcha softcream / matcha latte. The branch we visited was located at Kyoto Tower as well.
  • Spend the night at a capsule hotel (9nine hours) for the experience. If you are a light-sleeper, this may not be for you.

Where we stayed for 1 night:

Day 8 (checked out from our capsule hotel & explored Osaka)

  • Go to Osaka via JR line from Kyoto station.
  • Explore Dotonbori and have a mini food trip there (takoyaki, Pablo cheesecake, etc.).
  • Take a photo with Glico man lol. Do the pose as well XD (very touristy haha). (At this time, we were still dragging our backpacks with us. When we went back to the station, we found lockers we could use before continuing our Osaka exploration haha)
  • Go to Osaka Castle (Osakajokoen station). The castle is more beautiful in real life!
  • Take photos of the beautiful plum blossom trees within the area.
  • For lunch / meal time, I can recommend the shops / restaurants at "Miraiza" building / "kinda mall but not sure if it's a mall" place which is near the castle.
  • After you've done everything, you can just check in first at the hotel / hostel / airbnb you booked. 

Day 9 (checked out from our spooky airbnb room,.. and last full day!!)

  • If there is TAMADE Supermarket within your area (we booked a room at Nishinari-ku area), please do visit! They sell super cheap food / meals!

Day 9 continuation (last full day to explore)

  • Go to the main Nara station from Osaka.
  • Get the beautiful Nara eki / train stamp. Visit their tourist information center for fliers.
  • Feed the deer (with correct snacks / senbei they are selling) and treat them nice.
  • Visit the Todaiji Temple.

We booked flights instead of taking the bullet train back to Tokyo. I believe that it was cheaper to ride the airplane that time rather than taking the shinkansen / bullet train.

  • Best bet for Japan travel resources / access guides / etc: Japan Guide

*will add more helpful links here later*

Hope this post has been helpful. Feel free to share more tips below so others can see! XD If you have a favorite day / activity / place that we visited to, please let us know in the comments section! : )

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