Continuing my goal of reading and reviewing a short story every day in 2018! Here are my reviews for the week ending January 13.

"An Equation of State" by Robert Reed, F&SF, Jan/Feb 2018
An alien diplomat tires of space wars & comes to Earth to observe human wars. Love the creatures the diplomat turns into. Reed is a master of SF stories which span the eons.

"Learning to See Dragons" by Sarah Monette, Uncanny Magazine
Beautifully written flash fiction about a young girl desperate to see dragons to overcome the grief in her life.

"Kite Dancer" by Laurie Tom, Galaxy's Edge Magazine, Jan. 2018
During World War I a Chinese kite dancer grudgingly serves on a German zeppelin, controlling the winds during an air raid on London. Interesting alternate history.

"Bondye Bon" by Monique Desir, FIYAH Literary Magazine, Jan 2018
Alternate history where the slave revolt of 1811 near New Orleans succeeds after a vodun priestess raises an undead army. But her daughter is curious why she kept their former master alive. A well written, gripping story of revenge and truth and consequences. I also liked the story focusing on a sadly forgotten aspect of history, namely the largest slave revolt in USA history.

"All the Time We've Left to Spend" by Alyssa Wong, Robots Vs Fairies 
A former idol in Japan visits robot versions of her former band, desperate to reconnect. A story about the damage life and fame brings to people, and their desperation to both touch who they once were and change the actions they took. A disturbingly painful yet always true story.

"Three Robots Experience Objects Left Behind From the Human Era for the First Time" by John Scalzi, Robots Vs Fairies 
The perfect story to make you laugh on a sh*thole of a day. In story three robots try to understand why humans went extinct & if that ties in with humanity's weird fascination with balls, sandwiches, cats, & our assorted orifices. I laughed so hard at this story I forgot our species is the one facing potential extinction.

"Bread and Milk and Salt" by Sarah Gailey, Robots Vs Fairies 
The most disturbing, nightmarish fairy story I've ever read. Brilliant. A story to haunt your dreams. Gailey perfectly captures fairy amorality, such as how they lead young kids to their deaths, or worse. But the story then cranks the fantasy dial to 11 when a geeky boy turns the tables, and flips it again in a chilling ending which shatters all power dynamics. Wow.