Jay & V1 review the SHADDAPPPP Nitro!
Hey brahs & bras! 


What's all this then? Keep It 2000 is a fortnightly podcast reviewing every Nitro in 2000, by Brian & Nate for Live Audio Wrestling. I've been buds with Nate since his caller days in Between the Ropes (even giving him his nickname 'TNAte' because of his love for TNA!) and Brian since his first interview for the LAW. I was actually on their previous show Keep it 100's innoggeral episode! I love how I got top billing over Glacier. Or was I curtain jerking? :D

Anywoo when they started reviewing Nitro 2000 I jumped at the chance to review the SHADDDDDAPPPPPP Nitro episode (May 8th 2000 - the night after Slamborree where Arquette explains his turn and leaves), and here we go! I sneakily got V1 to watch & review the show too as a fun bonus. I couldn't find my audio splitter so we had to share earphones, meaning myself and V1 were VERY close. He wouldn't look at me during :P

We recorded this maybe 2 hours after Hard Justice went live (having 3 hours sleep in the prior 2 days) so I may be a little off my head! We had a great time chatting Russo bollocks and hope you enjoy listening to it!

The LAW (Live Audio Wrestling) is a Canadian wrestling radio show/podcast umbrella; their historical show Review-a-Wai was the primary inspiration for starting OSW Review! If you listen to earlier episodes you might hear my listener feedback :) I also stopped by on their Christmas show!

If u enjoyed the podcast give @BrianMaxMann & @N8Mozaik a tweet telling them! I really enjoyed doing colour (instead of play-by-play) and we almost never do cameos so I'd love to know what you thought of it!


HQ mp3 download link: Clicky here!