The JB&I Show Snippet
Hello every body,

welcome to the JB&I Show snippet. This is where I take one topic or two if there is time and talk about it. In this one I am talking about Max Steel which comes out in October 14, 3016. I am also talking about this Patreon page,, and The I. Middleton Entertainment website:

We are going to come out with a set schedule for you all or at least a post date so that you know when your favorite segments of the JB&I Show and/or shows are posting. If you have any questions and/or comments please ask. We also started our monthly giveaway all that you need to do it to subscribe and comment to win. There will be one winner per month in this but we plan on having other giveaways so there can be more winners, however, the same person cannot win other prizes in the same month for the same thing. Unless okayed by the JB&I Show. 

Thank you for your support and for being so awesome! Thank you!