JDPaladin's Big Mouth
So hey there! I guess by now, you've somehow found this page. That means that you've either found my YouTube page, Twitch feed, Twitter, or somehow typed the MOST RANDOM SEQUENCE of characters EVER and somehow found my account. Any way you slice it, welcome!

I have big plans for my online presence. I want to create an online community that is supportive, positive, and yet can harness most of the emotions of the Lantern Corps... Rage, Fear, Hope, Compassion, and Love.

Making videos, however, costs money, money I don't have. As a working (barely) father, my money is usually fully spent. As such, I need equipment in order to make better videos, increase my online presence, and ultimately, be able to do more things than I can currently. I have many ideas for things I want to do, but with what I have currently (an iPhone 5C), I can't.  I want to be able to make more kinds of videos... Reviews, opinions, gameplay, ect.  

So here's hoping you're intrigued enough to help out. In case you want to see what I am up to on YouTube, you can find me on there at http://www.youtube.com/bytemanx. My Twitter is  http://www.twitter.com/JDPaladin, and my Twitch is http://www.twitch.tv/jdpaladin. Have fun, and "Stay Righteous!"