Jeanine Pirro as White House Press Secretary #trump #politicalcartoons

Judge Jeanine as the Wh press secretary, scenario. And she is taking questions from a room full of clowns. They are asking RUSSIAN MEDDLING questions over and over. 

 And I used her opening statement where she said to the reporters who keep asking her russian hacking questions over and over again. And her snappy response.   And you see some reporters as bozo clowns. Asking Russian Hacking questions over and over on repeat.

I would love JJ to call them BOZOS

The gateway pundit had an article I read

James Comey called Trump crazy, when everyone knows Obama wiretapped him. Even Mainstream Media reported " WIRETAPS SHOWED there was a connection..", or "CIA wiretaps, revealed..'"

I did satanic cross on Hillarys jeweled ball.

The WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFING look how crazy the reporters were, poor Sean Spicer, no wonder Dnald Trump wants to do away with the briefings, and just give them a piece of paper, I am embarrassed for our country.  I say of Sean Spicer is replaced, replace him with ROGER STONE! Lets TORTURE the opposition party!