Jeena’s Excellent Encounters

Aug 3, 2016

Paul and I did not start podcasting to make money. Doing the show is fun! Since we started inviting creatives, makers and creators on the show, I’ve learned so much and have been truly inspired. This is why we do it. Patreon helps to keep us consistent and covers some of the costs of equipment and hosting the files/site. Patreon is only one way listeners can show their appreciation. You could tell a friend about our show or rate us on iTunes.

One listener, Jeena, decided to illustrate how much he enjoys the podcast by starting his own. Two weeks ago, I received an email from Jeena thanking us for inspiring him to do his own podcast.

I just wanted to write to you personally to let you know that I startedto record my own podcast, and after 3 months of preparation today Ireleased the first episode:

And the reason why I write to you is because it was you and your podcast Montreal Sauce podcast which made me think: Chris is just a random dude I know from the Internet and he can pull off an interesting podcast I am listening to regularly, he isn’t any web celebrity nor did he work for any radio station (as far as I know), and I am someone like that too, so I might be able to pull this off too?!

So thank you very much for your inspirational podcast and also greetings to Paul and your mom :)


It’s incredibly flattering to think that our little show has inspired others. I wish Jeena thought I was the web celebrity that I tell myself I am, but you can’t win them all. Thank you Jeena, for the kind words. Paul and I wish to see you having amazing success with your new project. More importantly, have fun!

I’ve heard 3 of the 4 episodes Jeena has posted so far and I recommend you listen. I figure by the time Jeena publishes episode 35, I’m going to be searching the internet to learn how to move to Sweden. I have genuinely enjoyed learning about the talented people he has met there. Please check out Jeena’s Excellent Encounters or subscribe in your pod-cathing app of your choosing. Also, you can learn more about his podcast adventure on his blog.

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