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Unlock The Audio!
$4 or more per month 9 patrons
Yes! This is where the real fun begins. Donate at least $4 per month and you'll gain access to the audio experiment. Should be interesting, if nothing else. I made this a low point of entry, 'cause I want as many people as possible involved. Pass the beer nuts!
Welcome to the VIP Lounge!
$8 or more per month 20 patrons
Thank you guys from the bottom of my big sluggish heart. This is the top tier, but you can pledge more if you'd like. I mean... 8 bucks is not the limit. I'm not even sure there is a limit. So, be sure to come back when you're drunk and go wild! Anyway, at this level you'll have access to the audio, of course, as well as ongoing additional perks. Like sneak peeks at book chapters, and cool stuff in the mail. I'll ask for your address, and occasionally send you things. Craziness!
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