The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 212 10/18/2020

General News

COVID-19 By The Numbers

Guard Helps MN Nursing Homes

J&J Vax Study Paused On Illness

Dr Fauci In Bed With Dark Forces

Few Masks At Trump’s First Rally?

Trump Supporters At Biden Drive In

Smoking-Gun Reveals Hunter Biden

Biden Laptop Man Fears For His Life

False Because Twitter Censored It?!?

Facebook Execs Join Transition Team

Trump's Advisers Brace For Loss Huh?

The Unmasking Probe Found Nothing?!

Financial News

How Major Stock Indexes Fared Friday

Fed To Never Stop Manipulating Market

America's TRUE Unemployment Rate?!?

Hardly Anyone Sick But All Broke Hawaii

Americans Stockpile Food Over Fall Fear

Forced Vax?! No Jab No Pay In Australia!!

NYC Rule Breakers To Get $150K In Fines

Banks Must Move Faster On Digital Money

Biden Investing In COVID-19 Companies?!

Email Detail Biden Earned Millions In China

Appeals Court Blocks Trump Wall Monies?!

LA Transfers $14M From Cops To Migrants

NWO / Police State News

Twitter Suffers Big Outage Amid Censorship

YouTube Bans All QAnon Content On Platform

Twitter Locks White House Press Secretary?!

Intelligence Hearing On Conspiracy Theories?!

Euro Agencies Deploy Resources Over QAnon

Euro Countries Enforce New COVID Restriction

Governments Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns

MI Supreme Court Rules Against Whitmer Orders

VA Preparing For Unprecedented Vax Campaign

Protesters In Worcester Decry Flu Vax Mandate?!

Laval Officer Resigns Posting Pandemic Not Real

Alarm Over Trudeau Plan To Build COVID Camps

World War 3 News

Chinese President Tells Troops Prepare For War

Xi Jinping Repeatedly Coughs During Speech?!?

China Has Expanded Shipyard For Nuclear Subs!

China Builds Swarm Of Explosive Suicide Drones

China Will Respond To US Arms Sales To Taiwan

Russia Prime Minister Self-Isolates After Diagnosis

Russian Subs Battle Aliens Deep Under The Ocean

Poland's Largest WW2 Bomb Explodes On Defuse!

What? How Sweden Became Gangsters' Paradise?

Man Beheaded Teacher Over Prophet Mohammed?!

Hate Crime Booms In UK Over Race / Religion / Etc?

Iranian Lawmaker Says Obama-Biden Gifted Regime

Earth Changes / 2012 News

World Volcanoes And Recent Earthquakes I-Map

An Atlantis Might Wait Beneath The Great Lakes?

Huge Fire Breaks Out On Africa's Tallest Mountain

Japan To Release Contaminated Water Into Sea?!

Trackers Reveal Where Amazon Returns End Up?!

Strong Magnetic Storm That Will Last Several Days

Residents Report Seizure At Ceara Asteroid Crash

Chance Of Asteroid Hit Higher Than Dying Of CV?!

Blue Origin Launch New Shepard Test Flight Huh?!?

Trump To Take Strong Look At Whether UFOs Exist

Harry Reid Says Gov Withholding Evidence Of UFOs

Scientist Warns Anomaly Could Rip Universe Apart?

Strange And Bizarre News

Prom Dance In The Age Of Global COVID Scam!

Hiker's Video Shows Cougar Following Him Down

She Threatens To Sue Neighbor Over Biden Sign?

BLM Vandalize Vehicles During A Trump Parade?!

Biden Says Your Breast Never Feels Like Enough?!

Woman With An 8-Year-Old Transgender Daughter?!

Trump Wanted To Rip Open Shirt To Show Superman

Mysterious Jetpacker Spotted Above The LA Airport?!

Elderly Man Stands His Ground Tells Off An Antifa Mob

Republican Candidate Assaulted Breaks Her Shin Bone

Democrat Executive Says 2020 Is A Political Revolution

News Anchor Arrested In Bizarre Anchorage Scandal?!

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