The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 219 12/13/2020

General News

Trump NWO Medical Miracle Vax Approved

Trump Told FDA To Approve Vax Or Resign

NWO Vax Is Already Doing Harm In The UK?

Fox Guest Says Vax Will Send You To Doom

Trump Holding Parties Despite CDC Warning

DOJ Masks Up For The Camera (MUST SEE)

Probability Of Biden Win One In A Quadrillion?

Supreme Court Throws Out Lawsuit Contesting

Something Is Going On With Joe Biden’s Health

Frail Joe Biden Arrives At The Queen Theater?!

Financial News

How Major US Stock Indexes Fared Friday

House Votes To Fund US Gov For A Week

Jobless Claims Jump To 853K Over Virus?

Small Businesses Fear Closing For Good?!

By Jan US Renters Could Owe $70 Billion?!

$1,500 Stimulus Checks To Get The Vax?!?

Employers Discuss Making Vax Mandatory!!

The Great Reset Happening Before Our Eyes

Vatican Enters A Rothschild Global Alliance?!

Council For Inclusive Capitalism Partnership?!

Combined To Change Capitalism For Good?!

The Great Reset Sci-Fi Short Film (MUST SEE)

NWO / Police State News

NYC Has Again Banned All Indoor Dining?!?

Cuomo Under Consideration By Biden For AG

CA Launches New Tracing App As Virus Surges

FL Police Raid Home Of A Health Data Scientist

Israel Restrictions On Those Who Refuse A Vax?

NY Legislation Could Make The Vax Mandatory?!

Lady First Vaxed Says If I Can Do It So Can You?!

Canadian Armed Forces Speaks Out Against Vax

MS Police Threaten To Punish Christmas Cheer?!?

Santa Sends Young Boy Away In Tears Over Nerf?!

Dems Ask FBI For Full QAnon Threat Assessment?

YouTube Cracks Down On Videos Alleging Fraud?!

World War 3 News

US Sends Military / Logistic Vehicles To Syria

B-52 Bombers In Mid-East Mission To Deter Iran

US Sanctions Turkey Over Russia Defense System

Russia Ship Aimed Missiles At British Warplanes?!

Flooding To Put A New British Carrier Out Of Action

Biden Names China Critic As Top US Trade Official

House Rams TPS Amnesty For Chinese Citizens?!?

Mil Traffic Quadruples Everyone's Wondering Why?!?

Mil Exercise Steel Knight / Dawn Blitz Off CA Coast?!

Bomb Threat On Aeroflot Flight From Moscow To JFK

Earth Changes / 2012 News

World Volcanoes And Recent Earthquakes I-Map

Residents Shelter As Blast Rocks WV Chem Plant

Northern Lights Visible In Missouri Thursday night?!

Geminid Meteor Shower Multi-Color Shooting Stars

One NJ Town Rocked By Mysterious Boom Doom?!

SpaceX Starship Flight Test Ends In Mass Fireball?!

Star Of Bethlehem Appears In Sky Christmas Week!

Trump Presidency To End On The Day Of A Comet?!

Rudy Giuliani Now Hospitalized After Testing Positive

PA Gov Tom Wolf Tests Positive And Enters Isolation

More Mysterious Monoliths Reported In Santa Clarita?

Israeli Space Chief Says ETs Exist And Trump Knows

Strange And Bizarre News

China Tells Cabin Flight Crew To Wear Nappies?!?

Austrian MP Tests Cola For CV Yields Positive Result

William Shakespeare Gets Vax? All's Well Ends Well!

OS Man Attacked After Confronting Men Over A Mask

Rally To Keep Businesses Open Teacher Goes Crazy

Biden / Harris Named Time’s Person Of The Year Huh

Cynthia Johnson In Message Calling On Her Soldiers?

Car Plows Into Manhattan Black Lives Matter Protest?!

Trump Supporters Hit DC Streets Chanting Fuck Antifa

Portland Police Attacked After Antifa Erects New Zone!

A Trans Officer Self-Identifies As Woman After 19 Years

Mystery Disease Burning Eyes Spread To Hundreds?!?

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