This baby here was my second attempt at sculpting, right after Janja! He is the cartoon version of the Jersey Devil which could be seen in the cartoon series called American Dragon. I loved to watch this series when it still was on TV and while i was searching again for a character to sculpt, i thought of the series and then this one came in my mind! He looked really cute in the cartoon, not like his real version,though i love both ;-) My sister never called him Jersey but insted Hersey !XD I dont know why!XD Since then he is called Hersey! So i started to sculpt him, the blue lines that can be seen at his legs are his armature wire parts which came too much to the surface! XD The wire that i used for him, was one that my father gave me, it was completely covered in blue plastic or something. At this time, i didn't know if i want to make more sculptures and therefore i didn't want to buy too many expensive items because i dont like wasting money XD! I only wanted to try it out first! If i would like to continue i didn't know at this time. I sculpted him this way because i wanted him to hang like that on the wall!He should be called Flaw Devil because he had so many flaws it's impossible to list all of them XD! Hersey was the one that ultimately bond me really to the sculpting world and he was the one where i just knew that i wanted to create monsters, like cryptids and not charms or cartoon characters, like humans or other stuff! The reason why he isn't anywhere to be seen now, is that a little boy i knew liked him so much that i just baked him instantly and gave Hersey to him. I couldn't even paint him because he wanted to take Hersey with him right now!!! XD He wanted his wings to be movable so that he could use him as an action figure so i didn't attach them completely onto his body, there was a little gap between them! I am 100% sure that Hersey is dead and torn into many pieces by now XD R.I.P. Hersey,i will always love you no matter what X'-( (Please play Whitney Houston's, i will always love you, to perceive the feelings!) I didn't measure this little guy because i didn't have the time to do! After him, i made Fluttershy (My little Pony) for my sister, Haku the oriental dragon, Ugly (The ugly Duckling, series) for my mum (she loves Ugly, he is so cute!!!!), Terry my raptor terror bird mix, Nimis the western style dragon (for a good friend of mine!) Eno the Tatzelwurm, Vulpimancer from the series Ben10 ( one of my alltime favorite series!) and the last one is Hamadi the Sha! That's a quite short list if you ask me! XD Hopefully this will change! With your help! ;-) Then the world will be full of little monsters again!!! Sorry! This had to be said! XD Wow this entry is very loooong! Have to stop now, so until the next sighting!