Jesop King - Chapter 1 under way!
First, I wanted to say a quick, THANK YOU to everyone who became a new Patreon members last month, and to those of you who continue to support me. You all fill me with happiness and gratitude!

(this post will be available for anyone visiting my Patreon page, to show what's coming)

So, JESOP KING!!! Development on comic work is officially beginning. I'm not sure when the book will launch (it's a webcomic). But until I figure all that out, I'll be working on pages. So, this means I'll be sharing regular updates with you all for those who are interested. I'll do my best to keep story stuff masked a little in shadows, so you can still be excited to read it.

Finally, this month I'll be adjusting the donation tiers once again, to reflect more of your financial support in helping with the continued development of Jesop King, and YouTube Scribbles episodes.

Thank you guys and dolls once again, and I wish you all the best with your projects and studies! Keep being an artist, because the world needs us! <3