Jesper Kyd - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Additional Soundtrack. Bonus Tracks (Unreleased)
 An unofficial additional soundtrack compilation to the officially released "Assassin's Creed. Brotherhood" soundtrack (the digital version, not the Collector's Edition CD version) consists of tracks and versions of tracks, that are not included into the official album. AC Brotherhood's soundtrack is very interactive, and there are a lot of different variations of the ACB music can be heard, while playing the game. So here I tried my best to bring you all the music, that I heard in this game, using all the music parts, samples and instrument's layers, that I found in the gamerips. As a result - 4 hours of additional music from "Assassin's Creed. Brotherhood". Because of it's length I separated the compilation into 2 parts + bonus tracks. 

SUPPORT Jesper Kyd and those, who made this music possible - buy the officially released album!!! 

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