Jester Character Concept
A talented magician from the neighboring Kingdom on the other side of the great forest. Jester trained under the great Magus, and as his top pupal Jester has been entrusted with the Staff of Magus. Jester has reserved nature, has a dark and dry sarcastic sense of humor, and will typically go with the flow in most situations.

Jester loves trickery and slight of hand, being an expert at both. He dons a yellow soul stone clasping a deep blue cloak, under which he wields a small hidden dagger, carrying it for precautionary uses, as he relies heavily on his deception and magic to get him out of trouble. His primary weapon, the Staff of Magus, is an object that amplifies magic, it's hat covers a dark orb with two glowing eyes.

Jester is related royal court from the neighboring Kingdom. He knows his place in the court, being courteous and proper when the occasion fits...although he would prefer to be more reclusive. Jester wrestles with a deep darkness within him, and magic is his only release of that dark energy.

His magic and person become more dark over time, to the point where his face is shadow and black like the staff he bears.