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Jesus Help Us (from a non-Christian)
I'm not Christian and didn't grow up celebrating Christmas, but when I was bedridden on 7 psych drugs in 2002 and had a mysterious fever for months, I had the intuition that it would go away on Christmas. And it did.

The fever lasted 3 months and I later learned it is called neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

On Christmas that year, it went away, but I still spent my birthday, the following week, completely alone and bedridden with nothing to celebrate because I didn't even feel a little bit alive.

But having the fever go away was a turning point because it allowed me to gain a bit more awareness, and later that spring start to wean off of those drugs and eventually become mostly healthy again. Quite a miracle for someone who was that sick, so sick she experienced no connection to anyone or anything for about 2 years.

I just read someone else's story of a turning point in their history of psychiatric "treatment" on Christmas, and this makes me wonder if Jesus is watching over those of us labeled mad, since he can relate, right?

I don't even know the whole Jesus story, to be honest, but I'm guessing a lot of people thought he was crazy, and he took a leap of faith anyway, to follow his mission in life, which is what I know I was doing and what many of my fellow crazy-labelled folks have done.

So, thanks Jesus, if your consciousness is out there somewhere, looking out for those who've been shackled by psychiatry for being of a similar spirit as you, in one way or another.

And please, Jesus and all of our ancestors and protectors out there, help us more. This is a big fight we have, an incredible and seemingly insurmountable conquest, to free ourselves, to change social opinion, to completely revamp society.

Some of us are or have been willing to be called crazy for that end, and many of our mystic family are currently locked up, drugged up and/or believe they are fundamentally unacceptable and unwanted non-members of humanity.

So, let's give all of them and all of us some turning points this Christmas, please, if you answer prayers in this form.