A fail on multiple levels.

  1. The Supreme Court prohibited state sponsored religious services in public schools, not prayer or God.
  2. God is not subject to human law in any case.
  3. There is violence in our schools because we have failed to govern our society in a way that prevents violence, unlike every other nation in the developed world.
  4. This shames children and teachers, somehow they are responsible for school shootings because they didn’t conduct the proper rituals?
  5. There have been mass shootings in churches, if prayer and religious services prevent mass shootings, how come they happen in churches?
  6. What sort of supreme being would allow children to be slaughtered because of a petty affront to his vanity?
  7. What sort of person would respect such a callously murderous God, let alone venerate them?
  8. The author of this shirt claims to speak for God. I don’t even know where to begin on that one.

I’m pretty sure that several commandments are being violated with this sanctimonious privileged crap. It’s the sanctimonious part that really gets my goat. Some terrible human tragedy happens, and someone’s response is to claim their invisible superfriend did it because the proper rituals to appease him weren’t performed? That THEY speak from some moral high ground because someone else’s children are slaughtered? This the sort of thing a deeply disturbed child would come up with, not a caring adult who loves their fellow humans. That the person who came up with this shirt actually thinks of themselves as Christian makes a mockery of Our Saviour and his message of compassion. 

If we are to end violence in schools we need to do something, not spew divisive judgemental self-aggrandizing nonsense. People like the author of this shirt that are making the problem worse.

End rant.