Jetpack Jake Review

Jetpack Jake

Jetpack Jake is an indie game currently in development by ZinGot games in which the player has to get our hero Jake from one end of the level to the other safely. Since the game is still in development and not available to the public at the time of this writing, I made a short gameplay trailer to showcase the points I make in this review.


It's hard for me to classify the type of game this is. Normally I would consider this game to be an action platformer but there aren't really any types on platforms in this game that the player actually deals with. Jetpack Jake is a great physics based game in which the player has to navigate between enemies and objects in order to make it from one area of the game to another. The game is still in its early stages but I think it is making great progress thus far and has the potential to be a very fun and challenging game.


From a visual standpoint, I would say that Jetpack Jake does a nice job displaying the 2D graphics and has a nice user interface in the works. I see great things in the future with the story but as the game isn't even in an Alpha build yet, it is understandable that the story is still lacking for the most point. Hopefully though, Jetpack Jake doesn't become one of those games that solely focuses on the gameplay and forgets to introduce some story. I mean Mario is a really fun game with great gameplay mechanics but the story is there to help entice people into understanding "why" they are playing the game. Finally, there only appears to be 1 song for now but I feel that the track does help the player get familiar with the atmosphere of the game and hopefully future tracks will do the same as well.


As it stands now, Engagement comes from wanting to complete a level and not much else. As far as gameplay goes, the player is tasked from getting from one section of the map to the last. In order to move, the player has use their jetpack to elevate off the ground and past any obstacles. Landing on anything other than the starting pad and ending pad will result in the player losing a life. Lose 3 lives and then it results in a game over in which your score and any money you collect will drop down to 0.


Jetpack Jake seems like a fun game I hope to play in the future. Not only does it use a unique gameplay mechanic that the levels are designed around but it also has the potential to provide a great backstory as well.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!!