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HI! Since I've been able to work on Jetty 8 concurrent to working on past issues, I'll actually be able to release this issue on time this month. YAY! I have all interiors drawn, and I'm only working on clean-up and finalization.  The attached image is a screen-shot of the first page, already in progress. I'm very excited about this issue and I hope readers appreciate the nuances. Shout-outs to all the mega Jetty fans, your support and encouragement has helped me keep going for over a year now, even when the going's gotten rough. A lot of changes have been going on in my life (mostly positive) and these changes are definitely going to be having an effect on how I make and distribute Jetty. I'll keep everyone informed as to all the changes that will be happening, I think you'll like them (I know I will). THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS, PLEASE HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!
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