Jewel (Patreon Exclusive) Shoot!
Our 2nd Patreon Exclusive shoot took place end of October featuring the Muscular and Strong Legs of Jewel.

When we hit a goal level, in this case, a 2 hour Exclusive shoot, we ask our Patrons who they would like to see with a poll, and what they'd like to see performed.  Then, we make the shoot and post those clips, photos, and behind the scenes footage.  

The clips and photos are exactly like what we'd sell on our site, processed and edited, then posted here exclusively for our Patreon faithful.  

On initial release we let all the patrons of that month get everything no matter what tier, afterall, they all contributed to achieve the "Exclusive Shoot" Goal.  After that initial 24 hours we then slot everything into their individual tiers for future patrons to discover, earn, and enjoy.  :-)

You can see those rewards tiers listed in the right column.

Now onto the good stuff from our 2nd ever Patreon Exclusive shoot.   

"Lovely Legs In Motion" Rewards Tier:
Jewel's BTS Clips 1 - 4

"Sexy Calves" Rewards Tier:  (Also get Lovely Legs In Motion rewards) Jewel - Marilyn Style (Photo Set)
Jewel - Bikini Babe (Photo Set)

"Legs For Days" Rewards Tier: (Also get Sexy Calves and Lovely Legs In Motion rewards)
Jewel - Marilyn Strut 1 & 2 Clips
Jewel - Cinematic Chair 1 & 2 Clips
Jewel - Marilyn Stool 1 - 3 Clips
Jewel - Bikini Babe 1 - 4 Clips
Jewel - Secretary 1 - 3 Clips

PS - Our first EVER Patreon Exclusive shoot was with Elena and those too are available inside in their respective rewards tiers.  You can see preview clips of those by clicking Here, Here, and Here.

PSS - You get all this and so much more as a Patron of our page.  We have Tracey, an Patreon exclusive model, as well as all our Instagram Live Feeds replays from all our shoots.  We strive to over deliver.

 THANK YOU for stopping by and Long Live Legaphilia!!
~ B