The Jeweled Spirits Chronicles (Book One - Summary)
The second summary is due and this one is for- as said in the title- the first book of the Jeweled Spirits Chronicles~! *smiles sheepishly* Be wary, this one is a lot more lengthier than the previous one.

- "Ame was just your run of the mill average teenager until he found out something that changed his life forever: he’s a Spirit. Of course, with a past unknown to himself, and aspects of his life that always cast him out from others, he figured he was different; but different as in ‘changing with the shout of your gem’s name’? That was new. Now he’s thrown into a situation that endangers his life more than he could ever think possible and he must find the other Spirits, stop the demons threatening to take everything he knows away, and save their home from Kiseichu running around the town. But the real question is, will it all be too much for him to handle?"

I know it's not the greatest, but I'm hoping it's sparked your interest, nonetheless~ *smiles*

~ D.C.