Jimobe Project::Sexual Dimorphism I
Calling the orc thing the Jimobe Project from now on.

Jimobe or Trimobe means "monster" in the Malagasy and the name "orc" is believed to be derived from the Latin orcus ‘hell’ or Italian orco ‘demon, monster’.


Jimobes are not their planet's dominant species. On the top of their world's food chain are gigantic, carnivorous creatures that predate on them. Thus, male and female Jimobes have each evolved to fulfill different roles for ensuring their survival.

Females are significantly bigger, stronger and faster than their male counterparts. Their bodies have a faster metabolism, thicker skin, more muscle mass and regulate temperature more effectively. 

There are two primary reasons for their physical prowess and endurance:

1. Protect their young from predators
2. Take on the task of hunter-gatherers, which is still essential to Jimobe societies.

Hormone levels vary depending on the Jimobe's specific duty in a tribe, which can create substantial physical differences, even among female individuals.