ALL - Job Finding!

This mod was huge and I'm very tired... anyway...


I'm not going to ask nicely.

First of all, this mod requires the XML INJECTOR 

This is a complete rework of how the careers are handled in game. It overrides Maxis careers tuning, and it's not compatible with anything does the same. It is compatible with all my mods and it's compatible with Required Degree for Promotions especially, as that mod touches no careers at all. This mod here is integrated with it and the degree bonuses you get here matches the career requirement in RDFP.

First effect of the mod: locking all the careers

All but the Freelancer career are locked, teen ones too.

If your sim already has a job they'll keep it.

NPCs are excluded from the system.

So, to unlock the careers, you need to go through some job finding steps...

There is a new skill: Job Finding

levelling up unlocks the careers, but not in the sense of allowing you to join...

It unlocks the possibility to contact them:

You can do it via the PC or phone:

Part Time jobs and regular jobs have two separate systems. The Part Time careers will consider employing you by just looking at your Resume and Cover Letter. More stable jobs will require an interview...

Just filling the form is often not enough, though:

You will get refused a lot... 

Companies never reply before 24 hours since you contact them, so consider the time factor too.

To help with the first selection, you can write a Resume and a Cover Letter:

The quality of the Resume and including a letter help making the companies more likely to at least consider you in this first phase. Education has a big weight too. And the answer to these questions:

will also affect the result.

If you're lucky enough to get an interview, the outcome of that will depend on:

Mood, Skills and your sim personality:

Some companies (ex: Military) discriminate against women (welcome to the real world, sims)

Some companies discriminate against men (Babysitter for example) 

ALL the companies discriminate against: pregnant sims, elders and are more likely to take YA.

If you feel you've been discriminated you can use the Recruitment Agency services to sue the company!

You must do it while your sims has one of the buffs from the interview outcome, it will probably NOT work, but can get you 50000 simoleons if it does.

The Agency has other services to help you:

Consulting: rises the Job Finding Skills and costs 175 simoleons 

Using the lawyers (to delete the records of having been fired, something that penalizes you in getting another job, or sue the companies) costs 1400 Simoleons.

There is also a Simked-In social service you can unlock that will deal with sending the applications for you and make you skip the first selection, they send them to random companies though, and not all of them are included (more prestigious jobs are not)

Teens are included in the system for the jobs they can get.

If you pass an interview you don't get assumed right away!

You still need to join a career Maxis way, it will only unlock it in Maxis menu, this to allow employed sims to look for other jobs while working.

If your sims have a relevant degree they can send the application to the companies the degree is valid for without skilling up first. 

The mod is separate in modules for management but they're all required. There are also cheats to unlock the careers on the menu. 

Bonus: this mod makes the High School grade visible in the UI. 

Since a lot of people are not reading the description of this mod, the mod is now shared here only 

Addon: family leave.

I play on a very long lifespan. By default, Maxis gives you the option to take the family leave only as long your sims have the pregnancy buffs/new baby buff/toddler buff... which is more or less 3 days after the kid is born... not nearly enough for e to even get to the toddler stage... so I added a new service to the Agency: take family leave.

You can activate this service while your sim has one of the Maxis buffs above, what it does is allowing you to take the family leave until you're ready to go back to work. I don't know how long the lifespan is in your game, so this gives you full control on the situation. When you're ready, end the family leave yourself from the Agency menu.




Patch Update.

The Career Lock file is now included in the main archive inside the Optional folder

Remember to only use this file if you have all the EPs/GPs up to High School (excluded) or it will cause an LE


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts