Jobs for Geeks
I'm on cottage time this week! Our live streaming server is being worked on, and I understand the live streaming hosting provider is working on building a new VPS exclusively for Category5 TV, which should be ready in time for Tuesday's live show! That's going to help a lot with the live streaming issues we've had lately.

So, we recorded this week's show and I headed to the cottage for a well-needed break with my family.

While there, I've been shooting some video for The Drone Zone, which is really just me looking like a super-nerd with a bunch of action cameras strapped to myself while flying cool drones sent in for review.

So, back to this week's show...

Grant Conyers joined us via Skype to discuss his interesting take on online job sites,, which merges social media with job shopping. It's built specifically for the tech sector, so we thought hey; some of our viewers may be looking for a job in that space, or perhaps are looking for an employee to fill a position in that space, so it's a good opportunity to talk to "the guy in charge" and find out how can help.

Jeff sat on the co-host seat, and Sasha Dirmeitis was right at home in her newsroom.

Enjoy the show, and thank you for your continued support of Category5 TV!