Jochro Backstory 5/5
The next time Jochro woke up, he had no control over his limbs. The boy could do nothing but stare at the ceiling and blink. His body was too many degrees too hot for his liking, as heat waves flashed over his body, creating itches Jochro couldn't scratch. Was it the same day? He had no way of knowing.

“Terri, Terri, the boy is awake,” a soft voice said.

“Oh, good,” Terri replied. “Wipe him down, he's probably drenched in sweat. Give him some water and then give him a leaf of Nelaton. He won't want to be awake for the withdrawal process.”

“Should we ask if there's anything he'd like to remember before the Nelaton?” the soft voice asked.

There was a pause. “No. The man got away and the girl didn't make it. He won't want to remember that.”

Alisha didn't make it? Jochro’s turned and he felt tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

“Terri,” the soft voice said, “look, his fist.”

Jochro realized he was clenching his fist, despite the early paralysis. The tears now slid freely down his cheek.

“Give him the leaf now,” Terri said sharply.

Jochro's lips felt the familiar leaf as a hand attempted to push it into his mouth. He fought it with surprising strength. Did he want to forget? Did he have a choice? Jochro relaxed his lips and shut his eyes. He thought of Alisha for the last time. Was it his fault? Before he could blame himself, he fell asleep.

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