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Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Videos
Pledge $0.01 or more per Videos
Patrons Only
$2 or more per Videos
You will receive the latests videos first and be able to see all locked insider content. 

Your small gift goes a long way. It helps keep diesel in the tanks and a few extra beers in the cooler. 

$7 or more per Videos
You get to steer the camera. Not only will you get to see all of the videos before they are publicly available as well as the locked content, but you will be able to have us take  specific photos or video if you are curious about something on the boat, like, how on earth does the toilet work or where John hides all the tools from Dani, or better yet, where Dani hides all the cookies from John. 

Tell us what you want to see. 

$25 or more per Videos
Clearly you don't want us to come back to land, ever! With this gift, you will get videos - even before we make them, OK maybe not, but this dedication means a lot and will go towards buying Dani a drone to make even more epic films. You will get all the benefits of Starfish and - sadly -  a song that we write about you and sing it in a video. Now that is love. 
Blue Whale
$100 or more per Videos
Crazy kids! Seriously? Well thank you.  Aside from this affording us a pretty decent bottle of wine from time to time, this generous tip will offer you the option:

- Crew with us for a 5-day vacation wherever we are in the world (after 5 videos)

- Get all the benefits of the Shark pledge


- Get your very own JODA Gear shirt and hat sent to your home. 

- Get all the benefits of the Shark pledge

And with either option you will have the ability to  text one on one with us anywhere in the world via our trusty satellite link or on land when we have wifi. It is just like being a remote member of the crew complete with an insider look at all the frustrations. 

A gift like this is beyond generous and there is not much we can offer with equal value other than our sincere gratitude for your help with this journey. Thank you forhelping to make this happen.

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