Joe Franklin Visits Rehearsal of Say Something A Rock Opera
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Basic Subscription
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Access to all my new videos from Launch Date
Name in Credits and Access to Playlists
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As a $5.00 monthly Patron you will get all of the Tier One benefits PLUS see your name in the credits of every video I produce on my YouTube channel for each month you are my Patron. Please be a subscriber to my channel so you can leave comments on the videos and I can thank you for your support. 

Also as part of this Tier I will release a new playlist each month featuring themes of some of my 700 existing historical videos. 

You get everything from my personal collection of Taz videos to my off Broadway Noir Musical 'Say Something' A Rock Opera.

Playlists will include my production at Citi Field to my current P900 Videos. Not to mention playlists of my original music. Please note only 1000 Fans for this Tier One. Thank You to my fans on this Tier!!

Personal Patron Contact Tier
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In this Tier you will get all the benefits of Tier One and Tier Two PLUS my Cell Phone Number to contact me when you like. It can also be a 15 minute Skype call where we record the conversation and post the conversation on my channel  on your channel or anywhere else you like.
Personal Appearance with Video Shoot of Your Event.
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One Month Only $3000

As a Patron of this One Month Only Tier you will get SIX months of Tier One, Two and Three... PLUS..  I will come to your location in the Continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska and produce a video at your event. The video will be shared on my You Tube channel and you will receive a digital copy with permission to use however you wish including on your own You Tube channel. Your event can include a musical performance by me for up to 100 of your family or friends. Or I can shoot and produce a video of any event you would like. Content must be family oriented event PG-13 or G rated. 

DISCLAIMER:No fan reward for this tier for anything objectionable at my discretion, R Rated or Pornographic. The Tier price covers my round trip plane ticket and two nights lodging anywhere in the Continental USA or Hawaii and Alaska. Subject to dates available 30 days notice required and should be booked prior to joining the ONE MONTH ONLY Tier. After one monthly only $2500 Patron will cancel this Tier but you will remain on Tier One, Two and Three for SIX MONTHS. A work for hire contract will be sent to the Patron at the Shipping Address requested prior to the Patron joining the Tier. This Tier is limited to 5 Patrons per Year.

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