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Joe & Gus - Guess You Could Say (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
"Guess You Could Say" is the fourth single from LIGHTNING RODS & LEAKY ROOFS - AVAILABLE MAY 1 Subscribe to Joe & Gus: Support Joe & Gus on Patreon: Facebook - SoundCloud - BandCamp - Patreon - Released - 15 April 2015 "Guess You Could Say" - Gus Johnson and Joe Dumas Music & lyrics by Gus Johnson Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Joe Dumas Performed by Gus Johnson & Joe Dumas Published by Dumas Records Guess you could say that I'm not really here What's going on ain't really clear Just killing time - rhyme for rhyme - 'til I find My greatest prize Your pretty eyes Divine, yeah it's always worth the wait I catch myself miles away - there for days Just thinking of your gentle face What can I say it has a way - a steady pace To make me space and think of Grace Alright - now I know I'm getting through Can't concentrate What's on my plate? I cannot wait 'Til I can spend just a little time with you 'Cause you know just a little time will do But if you're sure We'll spend some more Before you know, it's love