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Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite in g minor, BWV 995 – Gigue. John Moraitis, harpsichord.
The Suite in g minor, BWV 995 is Bach's own transcription for lute of his 5th cello suite in c minor, BWV 1011. While technically not a harpsichord composition, both the lute and the harpsichord are plucked instruments, the predominantly low range highlights the wonderful resonance of the harpsichord's bass register, and, perhaps most importantly, this is too beautiful of a suite to resist performing it. The gigue is the final movement of the suite. I avoided using more than single 8-foot combinations throughout the previous movements, but felt that the gigue's impulsive character warranted coupling the two manuals.

Harpsichord by Martine Argellies (Montpellier, 2012), after Dulcken.
Temperament: Rameau. A=415 Hz.