John Lapidemyson for president
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feel great and know that my art exists because of you.  Get a postcard in the mail each month, I will sign and number each one, so maybe they will be worth something when I die :)
Pledge $10 or more per month
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Thank you, know that I eat a little more each month because of your contribution.  Eating occasionally helps me to focus, and make better decisions while painting.  The quality of my art is going up because of you!  for your contribution, I will send you two postcards each month with an original doodle and signature on the back of each, numbered and most likely silly, so maybe they will be worth even more when I am dead.  (hopefully they are worth something to you regardless of my mortality)
Pledge $20 or more per month
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OMFG!!!!  I am so happy that anyone out there will contribute an internet service providers amount of money to safeguarding this particular beam of creation!!!  You get the two postcards a month, but you also get an hour of my time every month.  Send me pics and an idea each month, and I will spend an hour devoted to making a work of art out of it.  I can do quite a bit in an hour, so get excited about this option.  I am a hopeless romantic, so I hope to be used in the creation of personalized gifts of love... But I will draw anything of whimsy and most things that are not too morbid...  If you want something I am unwilling to work on (bravo to you for coming up with something) I will make you something as close to what you want as I am willing to go...  You will get a full size .jpg of the image and have my permission to print your monthly sketches for personal display and gifts.  
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if people that are not in my family are willing to invest this much money in me, I feel like I must be on the right track in life!  Thank you so much for even reading about this reward slot.  For 50$s a month you get the two postcards a month with original doodles on the back, 2 digital 1 hour sketches each month, and I will revise and elaborate on the sketch if you would like (though don't expect me to bend over too much, I would have a job as a software engineer if I enjoyed taking too much direction...).  Also, at 50$ a month, I am okay with being asked for a second sketch
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For 100$ a month, you get all the lower perks, but you also get some carte blanche... and my undying love.  
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This is for the die hard fans, for this price you can imagine you have an artist on retainer... I'm not yours to command, but  I'll sketch you whatever you want 5 times a month, revise things at least once for you, create an animation for you once a year, and make you real life physical paintings once a quarter.
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