John Reese Smiling
This is John Reese! The Man in the suit! The whispery voice protector! It's John! At this moment he's looking at Harold leaving the rooftop and prepares his self for the ultimate sacrifice! ...and then i started crying :X (like a little baby) After watching 'Person Of Interest' John, and all of that world, became a small (big) obsession for me! After watching the last episode i was devistated so the next day i grabbed my pencils and my block and started printing that man out of my soul :D (i used the photo as a reference)

My admiration for Jim Caviezel is very high! Despite what some haters say he showed one more time how wonderful and simple he can act in the same time! 

R.I.P The Man In The Suit, John Reese

Congrats to all the actors, they made the best show that exists by far!

The music during that scene is Metamorphosis One by Phillip Glass and it's wonderful!

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