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Hi all!

GOOD NEWS! We are having another challenge this incoming Spring season. Special thanks to Dominique and Pamela (also patrons here for initiating the #SpringKawaiiJournalingChallenge2019. This is perfect if you pledged last January for the Sakura goodies (stationery) that I am preparing right now.

Here are the prompts:

  • Spring Journaling Title Page 
  • Favorite Flower/ or Flower Spread
  • Springtime Activities you like to do (Planting flowers, reading outside, outdoor activities, Cherry Blossoms viewing as examples) 
  • Sakura Flower Spread
  • Spring Animal/ Nature Spread (Bunnies!)
  • Easter Spread/ or Traditions around Easter time
  • Spring Cleaning/ KonMari Method (decluttering your house)
  • Pay It Forward (random act of kindness, like buy a cup of coffee for person behind you in line)
  • Spring Washi Art Page 
  • "I envision myself doing"... or Spring Bucket List 
  • My Favorite Teas (Tea spread)
    Spring Rebirth (Try something new, or get back into something...)
  • Places to visit in the Spring
  • Favorite Spring Book to read or manga (can include book covers that are spring like or manga scenes that are spring or Sakura scenes!)
  • Festival Inspiration Spread
  • Cardcaptor Sakura/ or Other Anime Sakura character page

(you can download the attached files for the high resolution)

For more info, please check this post over at our FB group (1,600+ creative people are now part of it :O)

Thank you Dominique and Pamela once more! I am glad that the kawaii journaling community is growing!!

With love,