Join the Organization! ($25/month Patreon Level)

I have a hard time coming up with goals that feel like you would get something cool, that wouldn’t take up a lot of time I’d rather spend working on the videos (which already take too long), and then setting *value* to these things...  

I don’t want to spend a bunch of time generating content *only* for people who pay $X a month - if I’m going to all the trouble to make something, it better be available for everyone.

So for the most part, I suck at doing Patreon rewards. But I wanted to do *something* a little special. So here’s my lame idea:

Personally, I don’t care much about “putting people’s names in the credits”. Who notices that name in a list, except that person, and the friends who roll their eyes when that person points it out to them “see! see? I’m in that series! ...credits...”  I also don’t want to have to manage a constantly changing list of who’s paying $5 or whatever, especially given the complication that videos are now more like every second month instead of every month (but I don’t want to switch to a per-video Patreon model, because then I have to decide what content “Counts” and what doesn’t, and it creates all kinds of bad incentives for what I’m doing).

So what I’m looking at is a somewhat more meaningful version of name-in-credits, that still fits with the look of the videos. And it’s really more of a premium (aka expensive) option, because of space concerns:

For your super-generous contributions, be thanked *prominently* in the credits of the next TDDC episode, with your name on a customized “Cloaked Figure” avatar (similar to Angel and Mora’s look in the series). [The image above is only a mock-up. All names have been made-up on the fly to sound like internet user-names]

When you first reach this Patron level, send an email to:

[email protected]    

SUBJECT: CloakedFigure

...with CloakedFigure in the subject line, tell me the name you want to appear as and describe the avatar you want based on the examples below (color, face, items). I will make it, add it in the credits of the next episode (and every episode as long as you continue to contribute at this level), and of course I’ll send you a copy of your avatar at high resolution to use however you want.

Obviously I reserve the right to limit names or details which I deep profane or otherwise inappropriate or hard to draw.

Examples of Color, Face, and Details selections:

Of course, I definitely don’t expect many people to be donating $25/month, NOR do I really thing this is *WORTH* that much money in the traditional sense! This is more an effort to just do a little *something* to recognize people who are so generous in their support of me (and the price is also set to avoid having like dozens of avatars clogging up the credits and taking a lot of time - and if I somehow DO end up with dozens of $25+ patrons, it’d be hard to complain).

Again, this is just so I have *something* to offer people who are super-generous (or just much wealthier than most). But EVERY contribution matters, regardless of size, and I provide mp3s of some of the better music from TDDC to anyone who pledges $1 or more per month at

And of course, all my videos are and will remain FREE on youtube! If you can’t or don’t want to pay, the best way you can show your appreciation is just to share the series with someone who you think might like it!

REMEMBER: When you make a pledge of this level, please SEND AN EMAIL to 

[email protected]

SUBJECT: CloakedFigure you can tell me the Name under which you want to appear in the credits, as well as the color/face etc for your Cloaked Figure avatar! I will try to follow up, but better safe than sorry! [Seriously though, if you pay $25 at least once and want to be in the credits, I will do everything I can to make it happen]