Join me at The Art Carnival for Jane!
Fellow Patreon creative Stephanie McCaslin has set up an auction of wares, services and art  for another fantastic Patreon Creator, Jane Bell.

Jane is a two time kidney transplant receipent, and suffers from chronic illnesses (including Lupus and Addisons). You can read her first hand account here  Jane has been waiting several months for an angioplasty and internal biopsy, neither of which can she afford without insurance.

Jane's friends have gathered together to organize a silent auction, which will be viewable for the month of August. All bids are final as of midnight EST September 2, 2017.

There are dozens of pieces of art from creators across Patreon and the world. Including me!

I'm offering a Limited edition
Print bundle *and* a copy of Pain Eater in addition to works by Jorge Silva, Peter Gillet, Anna Szes, Michael Clark, Anna Shaver, Mia McCaslin, Kateryna Kateryna,Frank Ferrante,Katy Lewellen, Kim Hutson, Cherrie Bruce and many, many more artists and creatives not on Patreon! There is something for everyone!

Donations will be sent directly to Jane to help her with her medical costs.
Click here to see the full list and bidding rules!

Thanks for checking it out, and for bidding high to help Jane!

Big love and gratitude to be a part of such a vibrant and loving group of creatives!

Kait Moon


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