Join me in Prompted Storytelling
I have kept my initial campaign on Patreon fairly low-key. My intuition has hinted that the support already exists, and all I need do is light that fire, Baby. I am thinking about letting my posts for the next month focus on telling my personal story. My intent is to do it at a level that goes just a layer deeper than even my friends might know. I hope you will join me on this journey.

The idea of prompted storytelling, to me, is nothing new. We do it all the time in conversation. You notice that brightly hued scarf someone is wearing on the bus, and it prompts you to strike up a pleasant conversation, which then sometimes uncovers more that we have in common, or a further step toward getting to know someone. Other than in writing workshops, or journaling practices, however, you may never think of how a writer silently begs to be prompted into some new "conversation." 

I am always on the look out for that inspiration. Come be my inspiration!

(Photo: "Campfire" by Sam Howzit is licensed under Creative Commons Atteribution 2.0)

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